Godzilla ia the legendary Japanese tale of a giant monster who appears and wreaks havoc whererver he goes. This latest version is set 15 years after a nuclear physicist (Bryan Cranston) witnesses a near nuclear catastrophe in Japan and is convinced of a government conspiracy that cost him the life of his wife.

Let’s be frank first, I went into this film with really high expectations, the trailers were some of the best in recent times, that combined with Gareth Edwards directing and starring Bryan Cranston this just seemed to have all the ingredients for a new franchise starter. Unfortunately I felt the movie fell drastically short of they expectations.

This film is better than the last Godzilla film from Roland Emmerich, but I just felt they really let this one get away from what could have been. Going by the trailers I was expecting a conspiracy type film, lots of snippets of the monster, then the big reveal in the final act, when what we really got a conspiracy film for the first act, then just a big monster fighting film for the final 2 acts.

That isn’t always a bad thing, I really enjoyed the likes of Pacific Rim and Transformers, but I just felt Godzilla didn’t know what direction to go with its story and ended up in that grey zone in limbo between both types of film.

The cast do a decent job in the film, but there are some really bizarre scenes involving the likes of Ken Watanabe, but the scenes with Bryan Cranston were very good, the first half hour of the film is actually very enjoyable, but it slips downhill from there.

Special effects wise, the film does deliver, the monster looks incredible and the sound is also fantastic. In 3D is likely to be the best way to get the most out of the film, you will really enjoy some of the action pieces in 3D.

The 2nd film has already been greenlit and with a $190m take in its first weekend its easy to understand why, but I genuinely think a lot of people will be in no rush to see a sequel to this.

Overall, Godzilla was a massive disappointment for me, maybe a 2nd viewing will change my opinion, but I don’t see that happening. Although never boring, the film is very average at times, but when it’s good, it”s good.

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Alan Horne

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