About itsfilmtastic

Itsfilmtastic is my little film and tv blog, born out of a love of films in 2009.

The Beginning

The blog actually started out as a forum, I loved talking about films and found that the best format for that would be an open forum where hopefully like minded people would join in and a community could grow. Although at first the forum was doing well, eventually users started drifting away to other mediums like Twitter and Facebook.

As I was early into a web design career I decided to move the website to a blog/news format, that way I can have my say in all things film without people feeling obliged to comment, in the hope people enjoy what I write about. This brings us to the blog in its current format.

Welcome to the new site

The blog is now in its 4th version, intially run on Joomla, the blog moved over to WordPress a couple of years ago, with the current version of the website launching in March 2014.