For a while now it’s be known that we were going to get a 3rd Ghostbusters film in some shape or another, but about 3-4 months ago is was announced by director Paul Feig that he was going to reboot the franchise with an all-female cast.

Now this wasn’t exactly met with enthusiasm from the long term fans (myself included). Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with females leading the cast, I just felt I would of loved a mixed team, something that could help the franchise with maybe a love interest, just something to give a little balance and maybe play homage a little to the original films, with maybe Venkman’s kid or something.

But it seems, even with that they are going straight ahead with the female reboot and have named they 4 main Ghostbusters for the film, Kristen Wiig, Mellisa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, with the later two being regulars on Saturday Night Live.

Ghostbusters Female Cast

If I’m honest, I would of loved them to get a Jennifer Lawrence or a Emma Stone for this film, but I can see why Feig has gone the route he has, with 2 actors he knows well and 2 that he knows can deliver on the humour side of things. I myself, I’m not a massive fan of Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids aside, I haven’t found her funny, but I am a big fan of Wiig, who I know can deliver on a dramatic side too.

On top of the confirmation of the cast we also got a small synopsis of what the film will involve and also possible roles for Peter Dinklage and Bill Murray, could that really happen? Lets hope so.

Kristen Wiig is playing Erin Garber, a published author on the subject of the paranormal. Erin now works for Columbia University.

Leslie Jones is playing Abby Bergman, who co-authored the book with Garber. Since publication, the two former colleagues had a falling out and went their separate ways. Abby more actively chases ghost a la Ghost Hunters. This tension between academic investigation (Wiig’s character) and mainstream media investigation (Jones’ character) is central to the story.

Kate McKinnon is playing Abby Berman’s new partner, Jillian.

Melissa McCarthy is playing Patty, an NYC subway worker who stumbles across the main, supernatural threat in the film.

Dinlage has been linked to the role of the main villain with Murray linked to the role of :

a man who is a professional supernatural debunker who is out to prove that the Ghostbusters are frauds.

There is said to be another major role up for grabs in the film, but nothing has been rumoured or confirmed on that as of yet.

Ghostbusters, directed by Paul Feig and starring Kristen Wiig, Mellisa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones is due for release 22nd July 2016.



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