Cast the Gears of War Movie

Ever since 2006 I have been waiting with baited breathe that they will eventually get to making a Gears of War movie. It has all the right ingredients for a massive blockbuster franchise, a great storyline, intriguing characters and a scope for large scale action, but for some reason it has never really reached that place, even with a further 3 games in the franchise.

I have put together a list of the 4 main characters from the first game along with who I feel would be best placed to fill those roles if a movie ever made it to the big screen.

Sergeant Marcus Fenix

Marcus Pheonix Matthew McConaughey

Marcus is the leader of Delta Squad and the main character in the entire game, a deep voiced and brooding character.

At first I was going to go with a few names with this one, Vin Diesel for the voice and build, Karl Urban, again for similar and I also looked at Matt Damon as a possibility, but I decided to plump for Matthew McConaughey instead.

McConaughey is having something of a come back in his career, putting all his chick flick and surfer dude films behind him and doing some proper character pieces like Mud, Killer Joe and the Dallas Buyers Club. I think with a little bulking up he could fill the role of Marcus, as a leader. His star is rising again in Hollywood and I think he is need of a franchise of his own, so why not Gears or War?

Dominic Santiago

Tom Hardy as Dominic Santiago

Dom is Marcus’s right hand man and best friend, having found his children massacred by the Locust invasion, he is angry, brooding and wanting nothing more than vengeance. A strong and selfless character in the franchise and every bit as important to the story as Marcus.

My first thought was instantly to go for Benicio Del Toro, he fits the bill as Latin and is a fantastic actor, filling Dom’s boots would be easy for him as a character, my only concern was was the physicality of the role, I’m not sure he could fill the role in that way.

This is why I decided to go for my favourite actor around at the moment, Tom Hardy. I was always going to find a place for him in my casting of this film as I think he is a fantastic actor and I feel roles in films likes Bronson, Warrior and The Dark Knight Rises show that not only can he act, but he can physically fill the role too. Tom is going to have the new Mad Max franchise coming out in 2015, but I think he would be a perfect fit for Dom in a Gears of War movie.

Augustus Cole

Dwayne Johnson as Augustus Cole

Augustus is the loud, brash and over the top member of the group. A former Thrashball (American Football like sport) star before the war, Cole nicknamed the ‘Coletrain’ joins the squad with Baird after his whole squad are killed.

I think there is only going to be one star that could pull this role off, in fact I’m pretty sure they would of styled this role on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, he just fits the role down to a T. A former American Footballer, loud, funny and physically huge, he could pull this role off without even thinking about it. I loved Johnson in Pain & Gain and I think brining some of that comedy to this role would really fit well into a Gears of War Movie.

Damon Baird

Zac Efron as Damon Baird

Damon Baird, like Augustus Cole joins Delta Squad after his squad are killed. He is a smart-mouthed sarcastic character who is always in the face of of Marcus questioning a lot of what he does, but as the story goes on he grows to have a respect for the way Marcus leads the squad.

This role was a difficult one to cast for me, I wanted someone who I could feel could pull off comedic moments as well as the physical side of the role. The two main names that came to me were those of Chris Pratt and Paul Walker. Pratt I feel is going to be a big name soon with Guardians of the Galaxy and possibly the new Jurassic Park film, Walker I felt deserved something other than a Fast & Furious film, but his untimely death meant this casting choice was a no-go.

Finally I plumped for a slightly younger actor in Zac Efron, I think its time for him to have a break out role that isn’t a chick flick or comedy, I think he is really under-rated as his turn in The Paperboy showed, I reckon he is just one big film away from becoming something of a superstar.


I know these casting choices might not be everyone’s cup of tea, some are really out of left-field, but it would be great to see who you would cast in the lead roles if a Gears of War film ever got put into production.


Alan Horne

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