Star Wars

There seems to be a bit of a merry-go-round with the writing on the Star Wars films as of late, with The Force Awakens changing writers and delaying release, now we have the first Star Wars spinoff film getting it’s second writer.

The first spinoff to be directed by Godzillas’ Gareth Edwards originally had Gary Whitta attached to write the screenplay and although he has handed in a draft, it looks like Weitz is going to take another run at it. Weitz doesn’t have a huge back catalogue of great films to call upon, with credits for The Golden Compass and About a Boy, but more noticeably is that he has worked with Disney recently and must of made an impression with their new Cinderella movie.

As for the film itself, the latest and greatest rumours are that it will be a heist movie (possibly about stealing the Death Star plans) and the latest character rumours are that we will get both a young Han Solo and Boba Fett. How this all fits together, I’m not entirely sure, but we should expect to hear some firm casting rumours soon, especially with less than 2 years to release and an undoubted lengthy post production on the FX.

The first Star Wars spinoff film, directed by Gareth Edwards is due in UK cinemas on 16th December 2016.


Alan Horne

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