This is a film I literally only heard about a few weeks ago when some shots of Joseph Gordon-Levitt made their way on to the internet with some rubber on his face making him look like Bruce Willis. Now after having seen the trailer I have high hopes for this, I’m a fan of Gordon-Levitt and who doesn’t love Die Hard, so I’m hoping Bruce Willis can put the turkeys he has done recently behind him with this film.

What do you think of the trailer?


Alan Horne

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  • Garry Aylott

    I think this looks cool. Any more news on it other than this trailer?

    • Alan Horne

      Its a film where a young hit man is hired to kill his future self. The cool part is the prosthetics that Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears in the film to make him look really like Bruce Willis.

      It’s a cool concept.