This year has not been a great year for me getting to the cinema, in fact so much so that I reckon I went about ten times all in, next year I hope to rectify that.

So with that in mind I have decided to not do a best films of 2012 post and instead put together a list of the top 20 films I want to see next year.

20) Fast Six

I was fairly young when this franchise begin back in 2001 and I loved the whole fast cars idea of the film. But as the franchise went on it seemed to lose it’s way a little then came the 4th film, which although not great, brought back all the original cast and led to a very good fifth film, taking the franchise from car racing to become a heist flick.

I have high hopes for the 6th film, it has all the cast from the last film, the same director and now a clear direction on where they want to take the franchise again. I haven’t heard much about the film but with Michelle Rodriguez now returning, this should hopefully set up another great film.


19) The Wolverine

I have always been a fan of the Wolverine character and I love Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of him, but after the last Wolverine film there is huge pressure on this film to do well. What I love about this new film is the darker direction they are taking with it, I mean Wolverine has and always will be a dark character.

Set in Japan and based on a series of comic books, this film could just be one of the surprise hits of the year, not so much in box office takings, but in people actually enjoying the film, something the last film didn’t have.


18) The Last Stand

Growing up Arnold Schwarzenegger was the biggest action star in the world and I have always loved him films, from Predator to Commando to True Lies, but with him taking a break from acting to be Governor of California, this film is his big come back to acting as the main lead.

Having seen the trailers for this film (it’s out early 2013), this looks like its along the vain of True Lies, not taking itself to seriously, but still delivering huge action and some laughs. This film could make of break Schwarzenegger in terms of his box office pull, but if it goes as well as I hope, this will see a very welcome return to action films for him.


17) Warm Bodies

This was a film I didn’t really know much about until I caught the trailer just a couple of weeks ago, but right from that moment I have been keen to see this. It stars the upcoming British actor Nicholas Hoult who is likely to move up a few tiers in Hollywood this year.

The film is about a Zombie who falls in love with a girl, that alone is surely enough to get you intrigued, no?


16) The Worlds End

The 3rd film from Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Frost has been eagerly awaited after their previous films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. I’m a big fan of all the cast and I think their chemistry together as friends really helps the films work so much better, I just hope it’s not another Paul, which fell incredibly short of my expectations.


15) Pain and Gain

I know there is a lot of hate around for Michael Bay films, but for me, I take them for what they are, big action films with some humor and not really much of a story. So when I see he was teaming up with The Rock and Mark Wahlberg, who I both think are great, I simply can’t wait for this.

The fact that some people are comparing this to an early Bay film Bad Boys, really does give me high hopes for this film as that is possibly my favorite film of him.


14) Oblivion

This is a film that crept up on me recently until I seen the trailer. Starring Tom Cruise this was always going to be big budget, but there is something about Cruise’s films recently that I’m really enjoying, the last Mission Impossible was great fun and his latest film Jack Reacher looks great and is getting great reviews.

This could be great or could be really bad as I think it’s going to be a little like I Am Legend where Tom Cruise has a huge amount of screen time himself, although don’t hold me to that, I could be wrong. Either way this could be a really good film.


13) Elysium

Another film that has been getting a lot of hype, this is Neill Blomkamp’s follow up to District 9 and stars Matt Damon. This has all the chances of being a sci-fi epic, but without much of a trailer of photo’s etc yet, its hard to tell.


12) Pacific Rim

Guillermo Del Toro is renowned for making films that look great, he has a great eye for fantasy and this films looks no different. The trailer just dropped last week and has built on the already impressive hype that the film has gathered. I’m still a little on the fence on whether this will work or not, but no doubt I will make a point of seeing this as I’m a huge Del Toro fan.


11) Star Trek Into Darkness

I am a huge fan of the last Star Trek film, so much so that it might very well be the best yet in my eyes, so when the teaser for this film came out just last week I got really excited for the film. I love the direction that JJ Abrams is taking the franchise and although this film is looking to be darker than the previous film I have high hopes for this.


10) Zero Dark Thirty

A new film from Kathryn Bigelow and is out very early in 2013, but after seeing the trailers for this film and going by her previous work this film has shot to near the top of my list. Not only does it look great from the trailer, but the first reviews are starting to come in, with me seeing one review giving it 10 out of 10.

This could be a MUST SEE film.


9) Broken City

I hadn’t heard too much about this film until the trailer finally came in for it and I have to say it could be Russell Crowe back to his best, in the right role he is a total powerhouse of an actor and I think his part in this one fits him to a T. Wahlberg is also looking in top form in this one and hopefully he is bringing out some better films as apart from Ted, his last few have been a bit average.


8) Hangover Part 3

After the slight disappointment of the 2nd film (I still loved it), this film is going away from the formula of the first two films and from the images cropping up, they are also going to include Justin Bartha’s character a little more too. Still can’t wait for this one, simply for Zack Galifinakis.


7) Anchorman : The Legend Continues

Is there a single film out there that is quoted more that the original? That alone is enough for me to go see this film, add to the fact they have the whole original cast, I really can’t wait and hope they don’t screw it up.


6) Kick Ass 2

This first film was a bit of shock to the system, it was simply brilliant and with the inspired casting of Jim Carrey in this one, I really can’t wait to see where they take this one.


5) Thor : The Dark World

The first film was probably the film in the first phase of Avengers film that I had the most concern with before seeing it, I mean how could they make this work in the world they had created with Iron Man? Well they done it and done it well.

With the excellent Tom Hiddleston returning as Loki as well as a great back up cast, I’m really looking forward to where they will take the 2nd Thor film.


4) World War Z

I’m maybe a little biased on this one, simple because they filmed so much of this film just around the corner from me in Glasgow. But after seeing the first trailer, it looks fantastic, something different, I mean super fast zombies, that’s new right?

I think the main issue to me enjoying this film with be trying not to point out the Glasgow landmarks throughout the film.


3) Gangster Squad

This film was originall scheduled for 2012, but after the shooting in the cinema in the Summer they had to go away and re-shoot a scene that mimiced such a thing, which put the film back a good 9 months.

This has an excellent cast, Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling to name a couple and with Ruben Fleicsher at the helm I have really high hopes for this film.


2) Man of Steel

Who doesn’t want to see a Superman film? With Christopher Nolan guiding this one and with the visual flair of Zach Snyder, this has the potential to be absolutely fantastic. The cast is really top notch with possibly Henry Cavill (Superman) the least well known face in the film.

From the trailer this film looks to be very rooted in realism and it could just be the Superman film we all wanted Superman Returns to be.


1) Iron Man 3

The first two films are some of my favourites of recent times, they have everything, action, comedy and most of all some great acting and a great story. This film looks no different, they have introduced Ben Kingsley as Mandarin and looking at the first trailer this could actually be the best Iron Man and dare I say it, the best Marvel film to date.


What are you looking forward to next year? There are plenty of great films coming out that I have either missed or wasn’t sure about, let me know your thoughts it would be great to put together a great list of films to hopefully make 2013 a great year for cinema.


Alan Horne

Itsfilmtastic is a hobby of mine, I manage this great blog in my spare time, while in my day job I'm a web & user interaction designer. You can find my design work on my portfolio and you can follow my design and movie tweets at @alanjhorne.

  • Brian McGloughlin

    Great selection of films dude! 2013 is going to be a good year! One film I’m personally looking forward to is the second instalment of The Hobbit!

  • Alan Horne

    Yeah, it could be a great film, I wasn’t overly fond of the Lord of Rings films and probably won’t see The Hobbit until DVD, but in money terms that has the potential to be the biggest film of the year.