The Expendables 3

The Expendables 3 is the 3rd film in the franchise about Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his team of ageing hit men who work as guns for hire and end up doing good.

Expendables 3 picks up some way down the line from the 2nd film with the team now down to the bare bones working on a new mission, to bulk up the team they go on a daring raid to save one of their old members and bring him into the fold for the mission. As the film unfolds the mission was hiding something and the team disbands and recruits new young blood, before they all come together to work as a team and save the day.

I’m a big fan of this franchise, simply because the heroes of my childhood are all pretty much in these films and this film certainly doesn’t disappoint, bringing in the like of Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderes and Mel Gibson as the films main antagonist. Story wise, you know what your getting, the team doing the mission, something going wrong, them putting the money aside to do good and right some wrongs, its all very much similar stuff.

Something I love about these films is how Stallone brings everyone together, getting the right blend of time of camera for some bigger names as well as getting the new faces some proper screen time to establish them on screen as more than cameo’s. The best parts of the film is when the action isn’t going on, its the relationships between all these guys, the main comedic element of the film. That’s not to say some of the action isn’t good, but it plays second fiddle in my eyes to the characters and relationships between them all.

If I were to pick one cast member who steals the show, it might very well be Antonio Banderes, his character Galgo is brilliantly funny at times, especially during the action scenes. But overall the cast do work very well together, I suppose the most disappointing thing was seeing Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture and Terry Crews take somewhat of a back-seat in this film to allow for the younger cast members screen time.

Mel Gibson also makes a welcome return to the big screen for me, having been cast out from mainstream Hollywood for a while now, he is fantastic in his portrayal of Stonebanks, a one time Expendable and now an arms dealer for whoever will pay. I loved his take as the bad guy, playing it very manic, as if he were an evil version of Riggs from his Lethal Weapon days. Hopefully we get to see more of him in this type of role as time goes by.

Out of the 3 films in the franchise this one certainly seems the funniest film (probably playing to the fact it was aimed at younger audiences to get more cash), but it doesn’t reach the heights of the first film sadly in terms of an overall film.

If your looking for a fun 2 hours with some good laughs and some good action, then this film, like the first two will be right up your street, by no means a fantastic film, but no poor either, just good fun.

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