It’s been long known that both Marvel and Netflix have got together to create a series of TV shows based on the crime fighters of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen.

The first of those shows is that of Daredevil, originally a film back in 2003 starring Ben Affleck as the ‘Man Without Fear’, that ill fated attempt was the last time the character was used before the rights finally reverted back to Marvel.

Marvel have decided to put together a run of small shows for these characters, also including Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage with the final season being a culmination of them all as they create their own Avengers type group called The Defenders.

I’m excited for this, not only for the tone of this first trailer, but also that Marvel have confirmed these characters do exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meaning we could get them in films down the line.

All ten episodes of Daredevil will premiere on 10th April and star Charlie Cox as Daredevil.


Alan Horne

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