Ted 2

Three years have past since the utterly insane comedy Ted first came out, one of those films that nobody expected to be good but actually turned out to be awesome.

Now we have the sequel and all the added pressure that it brings to produce a second time. Seth MacFarlane has a pretty solid record, but his last film, A Million Ways to Die in the West was critally panned and pretty much bombed at the box office, so there is a lot of pressure to get this one right.

The trailer itself, doesn’t set the heather alight and if I’m honest, leaves very little to the imagination in terms of what the story will be. This time around they have replaced Mila Kunis with Amanda Seyfried as the love interest to Mark Wahlbergs’ Johnny, but they have also added in some notable cameo’s from the likes of Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson.

Will this be any good? I’m not totally sure, but I’m sure we will get some more memorable laughs like the first film.

Ted 2, directed by Seth MacFarlane and starring Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried is in UK cinemas on 10th July 2015.


Alan Horne

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