Maybe it’s just me but when growing up I used to love the music montage scenes you got in films, where the main character was going through an action scene, a training scene or something along those lines.

So I thought, why not put together a list of some of the best scenes an share it with you all.

10. Top Gun Volleyball Scene

Probably the most homoerotic scene in movie history, but back in the day this was some great film making from a film that I still love watching.

9. Ghostbusters

Another film from my youth, this montage is made by the awesome Ghostbusters song along with some witty one liners.

8. White Men Can’t Jump

Never has slow motion basketball looked so cool haha. I loved this for the culmantion of Woody Harrelson eventually getting his DUNK!

7. Batman Begins Training Scene

This is not necessarily the best music and action put together, but the script more than makes up for it as Liam Neeson delivers some great lines. Plus this list wouldn’t exist without at least one Batman scene in it.

6. Karate Kid Tournament

The scenes where Daniel Laruso goes through all the rounds to get to the final inspired me to do Karate when I was younger, than combined with a catchy 80’s soundtrack, you simply can’t beat it.

5. Cannonball Run Opening Sequence

Once thing I loved when I was young was car chases and Cannonball Run was one of those films I couldn’t stop watching, this opeing scene is great, so much so that I actually have this song on my iPod.

4. Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

This is by far the best of the ‘new’ Star Wars films and this scene here was possibly the best fight scene of any of the film, that combined with the great music from John Williams made it fantastic to watch.

3. Blade Opening Fight Scene

This could possibly be the best opening scene in an action movie? Blade was one of those sleeper hits of a film, done OK at the box office but amazing on DVD. It’s still a film I would put in my top 10 of all time.

2. Matrix Training Scene

I just love everything about The Matrix, the music, the action scenes and total aura of cool that surrounded Keabu Reeves the whole film, even with his acting skills.

1. Rocky IV Training Scene

I beg anyone to find a better training/action montage, this is the montage of montages.


Alan Horne

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