From the minute this was planned and they weren’t using Matt Damon I was always a bt wary of how it would go. Then when I seen Jeremy Renner attached I got a little interested. Now I have seen the trailer, I’m in, I love the tone and what they have done here.


Alan Horne

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  • Benjamin Reid

    This looks killer. I’ve just re-watched the Bourne trilogy so I’m really interested in this. With Renner and the guy from Red Dragon (can’t remember his name), this should be very good.

    • Alan Horne

      Edward Norton? Always good to have him in a film, great actor.

  • Ben Holland

    I’m a massive fan of Renner. think he’s really good at action. I was a bit tentative about this film, wondering how it was going to work without Damon, but looks like they’ve found a way. can’t wait!!