The Walking Dead Spin-off Cast

If many of you didn’t know AMC have had a spin-off show for The Walking Dead in the works now for a while. It’s not been confirmed exactly how this all fits in with the current Walking Dead show, all that we do know is that it will take place in the same world in a different location, whether the time line is going to be the same is another matter, will they start is back when the zombie apocalypse starts or will they bring it up to the current state of events?

Off of that, they have cast their first 2 stars of the show, Frank Dillane who played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince and can next been seen in Ron Howards, In the Heart of the Sea with Chris Hemworth and Alycia Debham Carey who’s biggest role to date was in this Summer’s Into the Storm.

Their roles are described as:

The show is based around a male divorces teacher and female guidance teacher for who Dillane (who is battling a drub problem) and Carey (is ambitious) will be her children.

The spin-off show is expected to be called ‘Cobalt’, but that may change when we get close to it hitting the air.


Alan Horne

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