True Detective Casting Rumours

With True Detective season 2 not far away from getting started its inevitable that new casting rumours are upon us. HBO have confirmed that the 2nd season will be set in in a new place with a new cast, thought to be of 4 leads this time.

Who will those leads be? Well orginally it was rumoured that Jessica Chastain and Christian Bale were approached for 2 of the roles, but it seems they either passed on it or couldn’t fit it into their schedules, so now we have the names of Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund.

Farrell is rumoured to be in deep in talks for his role and I think this would be an ideal role for him to get his name back out there in Hollywood after a few disappointing films.

As for Kitsch and Hedlund, I would be more than happy to see both in the series, especially Kitsch who I have been a fan of since his days on Friday Night Lights and he turned in a great performance in Lone Survivor.

If all 3 were cast, it would leave 1 role to fill, for me that has to be a woman, HBO have stated from the off they wanted a woman in season 2, so I would fully expect at least one of these 4 roles to be female. Casting is expected to be announced shortly, so hopefully within the next week we will have a confirmed cast to talk about.

What do you think of these possible casting choices? Or who do you suggest should fill the roles?


Alan Horne

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